Peer Group for Value-Driven High-Performers

Auxilium as Platform

As companies grow to over 100 employees, CEOs interested in the performance of their employees have to pay special attention to fostering trust among them. This is especially so in an era where many are working remote from one another, which can more easily hamper trust.
CEOs interested in employee performance also have to pay attention to employee well-being. This is especially so in light of the ongoing challenges related to the pandemic and social unrest.
For companies willing to invest in the trust and well-being of their employees, we provide Auxilium as a platform upon which to create virtual peer groups community inside their company.
We provide this because we believe that what we have achieved in terms of fostering trust and well-being amongst our members can be replicated inside your organization.
The interactions promoted by Auxilium has shown to foster trust and well-being among members within a peer group of 6 to 8. Please see below for more data.
Your organization can also leverage Auxilium to create peer groups of 6 to 8 employees. Each peer group will comprise of diverse employees across departments or geographic locations with whom they are not in a stakeholder relationship.
With the guidance of Auxilium, your employees will naturally build trust with others across departmental silos and geographic boundaries, just as our members have. Their well-being will follow suit as well.



The trust and well-being of the employees within each peer group will impact their own individual performance.
However, this is just the beginning.
Imagine what can happen when your employees across multiple peer groups, now with the shared experience of Auxilium, start to interact across peer groups. What can result is trust in actual stakeholder relationships, which can impact team performance, which may have an even greater impact on business performance than mere individual employee performance.
Through such ripple effects, not only can Auxilium help your employees and teams improve their performance, but also drive an overall culture change to one that promotes greater trust and well-being.